How Do I Memorize Static GK

How Do I Memorize Static GK

How do I memorize GK is a question that you should ask yourself ? It is a question of your knowledge. Nobody on this earth is without any kind of Knowledge. A cook knows how to prepare food, a goldsmith knows how to design jewelry, and so on. So, how do I memorize static GK is the question of your calling.

So, knowledge is the need. Here our subject is general knowledge and we need to memorize it for various exams. How do I memorize static GK lets examine :-

  1. GK is an essential part General knowledge is an essential part of almost every exam. And you tend to read only those subjects which interest you The flip side with General knowledge is that, it consists of various subjects. But by and large, it is of two areas one is static GK another is current affairs.

    Static Gk comprises those subjects which are static in nature that is it would not change with the days. The example of these subjects are; History, polity, geography, science, economy and certThe next pat is current affairs : The source of this information is newspapers, news channels, etc. To have a good grasp of static GK you need to develop an interest in static subjects i.e History, polity, geography, science, economic, etc, The first step in memorizing static GK is the clarity of concept. N CERT books are best for this purpose.Once you clear your fundamentals it becomes interesting because it becomes effortless for you.

  2. Revision of the subjects The second step is You revise whole those NCERT books again and again. During revision, you’ll find some new information and you’ll develop a concept in the subject. Now, it becomes very easy to keep those facts that you have revised again and again.

  3. Practice time The third step is, Go for the test, practice as many tests as possible For that you should go for a previous test paper first, try to solve the question without looking at the key. Thereafter, try to solve model questions from some guide book or join some test series in coaching. Finally, you must have a curiosity for the knowledge, you must have the willpower to outwit others in the exam. With herein above-mentioned strategies you can excel in your static GK preparation.

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